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Differences between ZebraDesigner V2.5 and V3.0

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Differences between ZebraDesigner V2.5 and V3.0

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ZebraDesigner Pro and Zebra Designer Version 2 ZebraDesigner Pro and ZebraDesigner Essentials Version 3

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Differences Between ZebraDesigner V2.5 and V3.0

  1. The following barcode types are no longer available in V3. When opening labels created in V2, these barcode objects will be removed from the label.
    • Royal Mail
    • Australia Post 4-state
    • Code128 Pharmacy
    • Code-32
    • Kix
    • Pharmacode
    • All Postnet barcodes
    • Codablock F
    • GridMatrix
  2. The Addon 2 and Addon 5 GS1 barcode options in V2 are represented as Bookland in V3.
  3. Object linking and embedding (OLE) label design objects are no longer available. When opening labels created in V2 with such objects, the user will be warned in an “open document report” and the object(s) will be removed from the label.
  4. When opening a label created in V2 containing a PDF-417 2D barcode, the aspect ratio is adjusted to a value of at least 1.5 in order to ensure standard compliance. After designing a PDF-417 barcode with value for the rows and columns set to 0, V3 can display the barcode with a slightly different size or ratio. The data itself remains encoded correctly but you should ensure the barcode still fits on the label. Barcode placement can be verified using the label preview function.
  5. When opening a label created in V2 containing a DataMatrix barcode, the ECC 000-140 level is automatically set to 200. ECC 200 is the latest version of DataMatrix barcode and uses Reed-Solomon codes for error correction and symbol erasure recovery.
  6. V3 includes an optimized calculation of font point sizes. In certain cases, this might cause a Text object to display a font slightly differently when compared to V2. For example, font height might differ by 1 pixel.
  7. The Rectangle object now has uniform thickness setting. In V2, you could define different values for horizontal and vertical thickness. In V3, the Rectangle object has a single uniform thickness setting. When opening a label created in V2 containing a Rectangle object, the horizontal thickness is applied.
  8. Custom check digit algorithms are no longer available. The custom check digit functionality from V2 (the definition of check digit algorithms and the action to execute the algorithm) cannot be used in V3. The alternative is to code a custom check digit algorithm using VBScript. This applies to the Professional edition.
  9. The 'Label linked to stock' option in the V2 label setup wizard is no longer supported (or necessary) as there is no stock editing functionality in V3.
  10. Currency conversion and rounding in the Keyboard Input option is no longer supported. A warning of this is displayed when opening a V2 label design.
  11. Support for downloaded graphics in the printer memory card is no longer supported. When opening a label created in V2 that used a downloaded graphic, the following behaviour will occur:
    • If the graphic is embedded in the label file, it will be loaded and printed in V3 as normal.
    • If the graphic is not embedded in the label file but does exist in its original path, it will be loaded in V3 otherwise the user shall be warned in an "open document report" the graphic cannot be found.
  12. V2 had a global option to embed all graphics files in the lbl file. In V3, for each individual graphic you can choose to embed the graphic in the label or not. This gives a more granular control and the default settings creates smaller label files by default.
  13. ZebraDesigner Pro V2.x license key numbers cannot be used in ZebraDesigner Professional V3.
  14. In V2 you could link fields regardless of whether it had a fixed or variable value. In V3 you can only link to an object if it has a "variable" data source (variable keyboard input, current date/time, counter etc). V2 labels containing linked fields to fixed data objects will open and print in V3. If the V2 label needs modifying, the fixed data fields willl need to be changed to a variable data source before they can be linked.


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