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How to disable Bluetooth radio on a VC70N0 mobile computer?

Bluetooth radio is re-enabled after a cold boot, how to disable and persist after a cold boot?

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Resolution / Answer

1. Install StartupCtl (Startup Control)

     1.1 Installer available from Support Portal.
     1.2 Installations instructions posted HERE

2. Modify the OnReset.txt and OnRestore.txt files to include the following commands:

delay 5

     2.1 OnReset.txt is located in \Application\StartupCtl\OnReset folder
     2.2 OnRestore.txt is located in \Application\StartupCtl\OnRestore folder


3. Create a batch file, example btoff.cmd, with the following commands:

\windows\btcmd radio off


4. Create a shortcut for this batch file, example btoff.lnk, with the following command:



5. Copy the btoff.cmd and btoff.lnk files into the VC70 \Application partition

At this point, after a warm boot or cold reset, the Bluetooth radio will be automatically disabled.

+ Applicable Products

  • VC70N0