Disable GS1-128 Identifier

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Issue / Question

How to remove the ]C1 when scanning a GS1-128 barcode?

Applicable To

Omnii XT15 installed with EV15 integrated scanner

Resolution / Answer


For Omnii XT15 with Intermec EV15 built-in scanner, scanning a GS1-128 barcode the data decoded will start with characters ]C1.
This is because for GS1-128 barcode, the FNC1 codes are decoded as ]C1 for the first FNC1.
For additional FNC1 codes it is decoded as <GS> (ASCII character 29) as per the GS1 General Specifications.

To disable GS1-128 Identifier:

1. Open Scanner Settings from Control Panel

2. Under Barcodes tab, expand Code 128

3. By default, GS1-128 Identifier is ON. Double-tap to turn OFF.

4. Tap OK to save. Scanner Services (SCS) will restart.

5. At this point, when you scan a GS1-128 barcode, the leading character ]C1 is automatically removed.



+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15