Disable Scanner in Wavelink TelnetCE Emulation

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Issue / Question

How to disable scanner support in Wavelink TelnetCE?

Serial RS-232 scanner re-initializes after each scan

How to enable Scanner Services (SCS) to control the scanner even when Wavelink TelnetCE is running?

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Resolution / Answer

1. In Wavelink Emulation Parameters:

Scanner > Common: 
Disable Scanner = Yes

2. In VH10 Scanner Settings:

Start> Settings> Control Panel> Scanners> Options tab> Data Handling>
Data Transmission = Paste data



+ Applicable Products

  • DS3508 Series of Rugged 1D 2D Imager Scanners
  • DS3608-HD DS3678-HD Ultra Rugged Scanners
  • LS3408 Handheld Scanner
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer