Disable USB Port

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Issue / Question

How to disable USB port

Issue Details

Disable External USB connector

Applicable To

ET5 ET5x ET50 ET55

Resolution / Answer

Boot to BIOS Menu

  1. Power ET5 off (Wait 10 seconds after powering off) 
  2. Press and Hold both Volume UP and Down buttons together,
  3. Then also press and hold the power button release when it vibrates (continued holding volume buttons
  4. When Text appears on the screen release and the BIOS menu will load 

Configure USB Setting

  1. Double Tap “SCU”
  2. Select "Advanced" Tab
  3. Double Tap "USB Configuration"
  4. Double Tap the USB port to disable and select Disabled
USB Port #0 - NA
USB Port #1 - Internal Battery Compartment for Scanner Back
USB Port #2 - NA
USB Port #3 - External USB (connector on the side)
Tap F10 to Save and Exit confirming Saving changes
Tablet will reboot

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55