Disable left and right side down and up buttons

Article ID: 33644378

Issue / Question

How to disable the Left/ Right side Up/ Down buttons which by default are assigned to Volume Up/ Down

Applicable To

XT15 WEH6.5

Resolution / Answer

A. Using Scancode Remapping

1. Launch Scancode Remapping from Start> Settings> Personal> Buttons> Scancode Remap
2. Tap Add
3. Set Label equal to L. Side Down
4. Set Key Modifier equal to Function Key
5. Set Function equal to Skip
6. Tap OK


7. Repeat steps for L. Side Up, R. Side Down and R. Side Up

8. Tap OK to save and exit Scancode Remap

B. Registry Update



+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series