EA3600 not found in Zebra Industrial Ethernet Utility when trying to connect

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Issue / Question

EA3600 Industrial Ethernet Adapter it is not being found by the Zebra Industrial Ethernet Utility

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Resolution / Answer

If the below dialog box appears ( see screen shot) when trying to connect an EA3600 via the Zebra Industrial Ethernet Utility, it may be due to the following potential issues;

Potential Issue - EA3600 is not connected to the network, or powered on.
Solution -Verify that the Ethernet Jack Status LED on the EA3600 is on (the EA3600 has power) and the Ethernet cable is plugged into the EA3600, and into a network switch. Both Ethernet lights on the EA3600 should be on.

Potential Issue -EA3600 is unable to get a valid IP address through DHCP.
Solution - Verify that the network the EA3600 is plugged into is also connected to a DHCP server that has available addresses in its address pool. 

Potential Issue - EA3600 is set to an IP address that is not accessible on the PC subnet.
Solution - Reset to factory defaults by pressing the device Reset button

Example dialog box of EA3600 not being found by the Zebra Industrial Ethernet Utility


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