ET50 and ET55 Broadcom Network Adapter Firmware does not support CCX4 extensions using Windows OS

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Issue / Question

Does the Broadcom Network Adapter in the ET5x Windows Tablets support CCX4 extensions?

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ET50 and ET55 Windows Tablets

Resolution / Answer

When trying to connect to a Cisco Network that is using CCX4 extensions, the users will get the following message:  "Cannot connect to Network"

Broadcom has reviewed logs provided by Zebra and has concluded that the BCM43241 Hardware (chipset used on ET5x tablets) does support CCX4 extensions, but the firmware does not support CCX4 extensions.

No time frame has been given when CCX4 will be implemented in the firmware.  Zebra does not control this, as it is based on the chipset firmware.

Zebra documentation is being updated to better reflect this.

This applies only to Windows ET5x Tablets.

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET50 ET55
  • ET55