ET5x Scanner Back disable startup beeps

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Issue / Question

Is there a way to disable the scanner sounds when the ET50 powers up?

Applicable To

ET50 ET55 ET51 ET56 Scanner Expansion Back

Resolution / Answer

Zebra's 123Scan Utility for Windows can be used to create a configuration barcode to Suppress Startup Beeps for the Scanner Back using the configuration for the PL3307 

Scan this configuration Barcode to Suppress Startup Beeps
If the Scanner does not accept the programming barcode it may be timing out or if an Android Tablet ensure that an input field is selected or the scanner will not be activated

Follow these steps within 2 seconds after waking the Tablet

  1. Suspend the Tablet
  2. Resume the Tablet
  3. Unlock the tablet (if locked)
  4. Tap the input field 
  5. Scan the programming barcode

Applicable Scanner Back Models

ZBK-ET5X-8SCN5-01 (Win)
ZBK-ET5X-10SCN5-01 (Win)
ZBK-ET5X-8SCN1-01 (Win)
ZBK-ET5X-10SCN1-01 (Win)


+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET51
  • ET51-A
  • ET55
  • ET56
  • ET56-A