Enable Caps Lock on Wavelink TelnetCE configured for VT Host

Article ID: 62193498

Issue / Question

Customer wants to know if there is a way to have SHIFT locked for alphabetic keys but not for numeric.

Applicable To

Mobile Computers running Wavelink TelnetCE v7.3.x configured for VT Host

Resolution / Answer


The Caps Lock changes the initial keyboard mode, starting with all keys as upper case or lower case depending on the setting.

  • The 5250/3270 emulation defaults to having Caps Lock On.
  • The VT/HP defaults to off.

Either default mode may be overridden with this option.
If the Never Change option is selected, the Caps Lock state will not be adjusted by Telnet.

Off 5250/3270 - OFF VT/HP - OFF
On 5250/3270 - ON VT/HP - ON
Default 5250/3270 - ON VT/HP - OFF



1. Using the Wavelink TelnetCE Product Configuration tool installed on your PC, modify the Emulation> Keyboard> Caps Lock setting from Default to On.

2. Save then push this new config to the mobile computer
3. Restart TelnetCE client

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer