Enable NetMon Logging via Batch file

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Issue / Question

NetMon is a wireless packet capture tool that is very useful for wireless issue troubleshooting.

Applicable To

VC80-Window 7

Resolution / Answer

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Copy the below text and paste it into Notepad:

mkdir C:\VC\Logs\Netmon\ 
nmcap /network * /capture /MinDiskQuotaPercentage 20 /file C:\VC\Logs\Netmon\netcap.chn:100MB 

  1. Save the file with a .BAT extension to create a "Batch" file which will generate 100MB of packets in a capture file located in folder C:\VC\Logs\Netmon\
  2. Please run the batch file with administrator right. A CMD window will pop up and please keep this CMD window running.
  3. Ensure that netcap file is generated in C:\VC\Logs\Netmon\ when running the batch file.
  4. After the issue reproduced, please issue Ctrl+C command in CMD window to stop the capture.
  5. Gather all the netcap files and provide to Tech Support agent. 


  • Please ensure NetMon logging started before reproducing the issue so that we could record the wireless behavior of VC80.
  • Please take note on the IP & MAC address of VC80 & APs that involved during the issue reproduction test. And mark down the issue reproduce time.

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80X