Enable SE1524ER scanner (laser) installed in XT15 WEH6.5 device

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Issue / Question

XT15 WEH6.5: SE1524ER - scanner not working after performing a clean boot.

After updating the XT15 WEH6.5 OS, the integrated scanner -- SE1524ER -- stops working (no scanner beam)

Applicable To

XT15 WEH6.5 installed with SE1524ER scanner (laser)

Resolution / Answer

1. After performing a clean boot or OS update on the XT15 WEH6.5 device, make sure the appropriate Add-on CAB is (re)-installed.

2. You can check this in Start> Settings> System> System Properties> System Software.
3. If the Add-on Cab is not installed (missing), then Scanner Services (SCS) including the scanner driver will not be installed.

Add-on CAB not installed

4. You can download the appropriate .CAB file from Support Portal. Click HERE.
5. Copy this Add-on .CAB unto the device (example \Flash Disk)

6. Using the XT15 WEH6.5 File Explorer, navigate to where the .CAB file is located
7. Click the file to start the installation.

8. After the reboot, the scanner should be working.

Add-on CAB installed

+ Applicable Products

  • SE1524ER OEM Laser Scan Engine