Enable Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

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Date and time is not synchronized for the Omnii XT15

How to enable SNTP/ NTP on the Omnii XT15

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Omnii XT15

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Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) is a simplified version of Network Time Protocol (NTP) that is used to synchronize computer clocks on a network. This simplified version of NTP is generally used when full implementation of NTP is not needed.

A. Omnii XT15 Windows CE6.0

To enable Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP)

1. Click on Start> Settings> Control Panel
2. Select TweakIT Settings

3. Expand Advanced Services Settings
4. Double tap SNTP Server

5. Enter server name or IP address -- Example:

For other NTP servers, click HERE


B. Omnii XT15 Windows Embedded HandHeld 6.5

WEH does not support SNTP/ NTP as part of the OS. It is supported in CE, but not in WEH.

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series