Enable and Select SIM Socket

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How to enable and select a non default SIM Socket

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SIM CARD Installation 

Begin by first powering the TC75x off and installing the SIM card is the required SIM Slot location
Replace the SIM Cover and Battery and power the TC75x on

Enable and Select Sim card Location

Swipe down and Select the Settings Gear              Scroll down to "About phone"

Select "SW Components"                                        Tap "WWAN" 5 times

Message displayed "Turn on sim Slot ui"                Tap Back 2 time, Scroll up and tap "More"    

Tap "Cellular networks"                                            Tap "SIM socket selection"

Select the SIM socket SIM is installed in                 The SIM card sockets will be enabled and the Cellular radio will be restarted  

The Cellular Radio is now active for the SIM           The Selection file is created in the root of internal shared storage


+ Applicable Products

  • TC75x