Enable and launch PXE Boot

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Issue / Question

Steps to configure and enable PXE boot for Windows OS based ET5x tablets

Applicable To

ET50 ET55 Windows OS tablets

Resolution / Answer

The following steps can be used to configure and select PXE boot


  • An "Enter" can be done without a keyboard by Pressing and Holding the Windows Logo for ~1 seconds
  • Select is a Tap or Double Tap 
  • Boot to Bios Menu - Power the device off, Wait several seconds 
    • Then Press and hold the volume Up and Volume Down buttons together  (or ESC if a keyboard is attached)
    • Device will boot to the BIOS screen
  • Note - By pressing and holding the volume Up and Volume Down buttons together in between steps before a restart or reboot is done loading the OS can be avoided

1. Connect to Communications Cradle or USB-Ethernet Dongles with the SMSC LAN7500 chipset that are supported by the BIOS

2. Configure PXE Boot

  • Boot to BIOS menu
  • Select SCU
  • Select the "Boot" tab
  • Select "Network Stack"  - Select Enabled
  • Select "PXE boot capability" - Select the "UEFI IPV4" "UEFI IPV6" or "UEFI IPV4/V6" option 
  • Select F10 to Save and Exit
  • Tap Yes to "Exit Saving Changes" prompt
  • The device will reboot

3. Disable Secure Boot

  • Boot to BIOS menu
  • Select "Secure Boot"
  • Select "Enforce Secure Boot" Select " Disabled" 

4. Execute PXE Boot 

  • Ensure Ethernet adapter is connected to the device
  • Boot to BIOS menu
  • Select "Boot Manager"
  • The EFI Network boot options become visible in Boot Manager
  • Select "EFI Network 0 for IPVx
  • Press Enter
  • >> Start PXE boot over IPVx 


+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET50 ET55
  • ET55