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Enable or Disable Illumination in DataWedge

Article ID: 26565992

Issue / Question

Illumination can get in the way of scanning barcode on shiny surface. 

Illumination can be turn off or on depending on the application in use

Applicable To

TC25, TC20, MC3300, TC52, TC57, TC51, TC75, TC70, TC8000, TC56, TC75X, TC55, TC70X

Resolution / Answer

1. Create your DataWedge Profile
2. Disable other profiles (Profile0, Launcer & DWDemo)

3. Open the created profile. Look for Reader Param

4. Turn off/on 'Illumination mode' for the illumination light
5. If Aim Dot is not required, 'Aim Mode' can be off as well


+ Applicable Products

  • MC3300
  • TC20
  • TC25
  • TC51
  • TC52 Touch Computer
  • TC55 Touch Computer
  • TC56
  • TC57 Touch Computer
  • TC70
  • TC70x
  • TC75
  • TC75x
  • TC8000