Enabling Java in the browser to operate with the Reader Administration Console

Article ID: 27939458

Issue / Question

- It is not possible to read tags from the reader console, Reader Operation page stays blank.

- Advanced Antenna Configuration and Firmware File Based Upload page doesn't display.

- Even after installing Java, Applets do not run.

Applicable To

FX7500, FX9600

Resolution / Answer

Some pages of the Reader Administration Web Console require Java JRE support on the web browser. 

For example: Read Tags window, Advanced Antenna Configuration, Firmware File Based Upload, etc.
We recommend to use Internet Explorer to operate with the Administration Console.

Internet Explorer
Java is enabled by default in IE web browser, as long as you have Java installed.

Chrome, Opera
Java is not supported. In September 2015 Chrome removed support for the NPAPI (technology required for Java applets).

Mozilla ended support for traditional NPAPI browser plugins, aside from Adobe Flash. However, Mozilla offers an “Extended Support Release”, or ESR, branch of the Firefox browser. Only the Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR 32-bit release will continue offering support for the standards-based plugin support technology required to launch Java Applets.

Steps to enable Java in the Internet Explorer

  • Click Tools and then Internet Options
  • Select the Security tab, and select the Custom Level button
  • Scroll down to Scripting of Java applets
  • Make sure the Enable radio button is checked
  • Click OK to save your preference

Please note for security reasons browsers may block the Read Tags page. Look for a pop window that can be hidden behind the browser or at the bottom of the screen (the taskbar in Windows) and allow the applet to run. 

With older browsers, when upgrading/downgrading the FX7500/FX9600, close the browser and re-open it to clear the old version of files cached. If the java cache for applets is on, clear the cached applet before starting the browser to use the Read Tags page.

+ Applicable Products

  • FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader
  • FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader