Enabling Picklist Mode on the TC20 & TC25 Using DataWedge

Article ID: 87949917

Issue / Question

Enable picklist mode in TC20 and TC25 using Datawedge

Applicable To

TC20 & TC25 on BSP v04.14.30

Resolution / Answer


Allows the imager to decode only the bar code that is directly under the cross-hair/reticle (+) part of the pattern. This feature is useful in applications where multiple bar codes may appear in the field of view during a decode session and only one of them is targeted for decode.


1. Go to app menu, launch DataWedge.

2. Select target profile on the profile screen, example Profile0.

3. Scroll down the page on Profile0 and select Reader params.

4. Select Picklist which is disabled by default.

5. Select hardware or software picklist option.

Hardware Picklist - Picklist mode is enabled by sending a command to hardware.
Software Picklist - Picklist feature is handled in the software; no commands are sent to hardware.

+ Applicable Products

  • DataWedge
  • TC20
  • TC25