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FX Connect Licensing Management

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How to acquire license for FX Connect?
FX Connect Licensing Management

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FX Connect Licensing Management
This section explains, in detail, the licensing model and the licensing mechanism used in FX Connect (a feature available for FX7500 and FX9600 RFID readers). The following areas are discussed:

  • The three different modes to acquire a license.
  • How to return licenses.
  • Setup and administration of the license server.

FX Connect Licensing Model
FX Connect features require a valid license installed in the reader. The FX Connect license purchased from Zebra determines the number of FX7500/FX9600 readers that can use FX Connect features. Only those readers that successfully acquired a license from the license server can read tags and output the RFID tag data to the designated output option on the FX Connect web page. There is also an option to acquire evaluation/trial licenses. The following sections explain where and how to procure the license. When you acquire the license, the user receives an Activation ID which is used to activate the license on the readers.

Acquiring Licenses
Trial and permanent licenses can be ordered from the Zebra ordering portal. For urgent trial version orders, contact the FX Series product manager or your local sales representative. An entitlement email is sent when the order is processed.

Types of Licenses
There are two types of FX Connect licenses.

  • FX Connect Evaluation License
  • FX Connect Perpetual

FX Connect Evaluation License
The evaluation license is a time bound license, based on the procurement type, and can be valid for 30, 60 or 90 days. The license is de-activated when the trial ends. Upon expiration of the trial term, the user is required to purchase a renewal license or switch to a permanent license.

FX Connect Perpetual
FX Connect perpetual is a permanent License and is available for the life of the reader.

Enabling a License
To enable an FX Connect license, acquire the appropriate license type (evaluation or perpetual) and then login to the reader web interface to configure and activate the license.

FX Connect Licensing Mechanism
License Acquisition Modes
FX Connect supports acquiring a license in one of three ways:

  • From a Cloud based server (default). see page 90 of the FX Series RFID Fixed Reader Integration Guide (en) P/N MN000026A10 Rev. A. Read More>>
  • From a Local License Server (LLS) - see page 91Read More>>
  • From an off-line device - see page 93Read More>>

+ Applicable Products

  • FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader
  • FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader