FX Connect Licensing Management

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How to acquire license for FX Connect?
FX Connect Licensing Management

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FX Connect provides for simple configuration and deployment of FX Series fixed RFID readers. FX Connect is a licensed feature which enables users to easily collect data from FX Series readers and disposition that data via USB HID (keyboard emulation), HTTP POST, or write RFID tag data to a USB flash drive in a hassle-free manner.

For FX Series Licensing Management User Guide, click HERE.

FX Series Licensing Model
FX Connect & Network Connect features require a valid license to be installed in the reader. The FX Connect/Network Connect license purchased from Zebra determines the number of FX7500/FX9600 readers that can use FX Connect & Network Connect features. Only the readers that successfully acquire a license from the license server can read tags and load the RFID tag data to the designated output. Users can request for a evaluation/trial license but that is for a limited period only. The following sections explain the procedure to procure the license. When the license is procured, the user receives an Activation ID which is used to activate/return the license on the readers.

Procuring Licenses
Customers, partners, and distributors require a FX Series Product License (FX Connect/Network Connect), please request an evaluation/trial license through your Account Manager.

+ Applicable Products

  • FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader
  • FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader