Factory Reset Zebra Android Device using SOTI MobiControl

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Issue / Question

How to delete SOTI MobiControl device agent?

SOTI MobiControl "Wipe Device" script does not remove the SOTI MobiControl device agent from the Zebra Android device.

How to factory reset Zebra Android Device using SOTI MobiControl?

Applicable To

Zebra Android Nougat and Oreo devices (Android Enterprise or Android+ Enrollment)

SOTI MobiControl (tested on version 13.4 and 14.3)

Resolution / Answer

As per SOTI's online documentation regarding Script Commands for Android Plus Devices, reset script can perform a soft or hard reset of the device.

And within the MobiControl Script box, it includes the "Wipe Device" which sends the reset /w script.

However, we did confirm with SOTI Support that no matter what enrollment and agent is used (Android Enterprise Managed Device, Android Enterprise Managed Profile, Android+), the WIPE command from MobiControl does not delete the agent from the device.

To delete also the SOTI MobiControl device agent, the "Wipe a Device" with "Factory Reset" profile from Zebra StageNow must be used. Read More>> .

You can download the StageNow program from Support Portal.

To create a "Wipe a Device" profile:

1. Launch StageNow Tool.
2. Select Create New Profile.
3. Select the MX version from the drop-down menu (example 7.1).
4. Select the Wipe a Device Wizard and select Create.
5. Enter a name for the profile. (example WipeADevice) Select Start to proceed.
6. Select Factory Reset (to destroy all data and return the device to its factory defaults. No user content persists).
7. Select Continue, review if needed then click Complete Profile.
8. Select Export for MDM to generate the .XML file. Example WipeADevice.xml.

To deploy the "Wipe a Device" .XML file using SOTI MobiControl v13.3 or later.

Create a File Sync Rule under the Android Plus tab which includes the mxconfig script to submit the XML configuration instructions to the MX layer of the Android device.

1. Start the Android Plus File Sync RuleRead More>>
2. Set Direction to Download file(sfrom Server to Devices.
3. Make sure Device File / Folder Name is equal to /data/tmp/public. See step 1.7.
4. For Server File / Folder Name, specify complete file system path to OS update package .ZIP file.
5. Select the device(s) and/or device group(s) that the rule should target.
6. For synchronization, use Device Update Schedule.
7. Under review summarized information, select Advanced button.
8. Scroll down and select Scripts button.
9. Under After file synchronization has completed execute script section, enter below script. Read More>>

mxconfig /data/tmp/public/WipeADevice.xml
10. Click OK then Finish.

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