How to create labels with two or more columns on Zebra Designer V3

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Issue / Question

How do I create labels where there is more than one column?

Applicable To

Zebra Designer Essentials 3
Zebra Designer Professional 3

Resolution / Answer

Open Zebra Designer v3 software and click on Create a New Label

Select the desired printer and click Next.

At Set the Page Size select Print on a roll of labels and click Next.

At the Label Layout window select the desired label orientation and click Next.

Now set the label size. In this case, is necessary to insert the width and height of one label. Duplicate the amount on Label Across > Horizontal count as shown on the image.

In case of labels with gaps between the columns, insert the value on Horizontal Gap field.

Check the Summary. Once is all set, click on Finish.

Now it's time to personalize the label. Use the software tools available on the left hand size.

Note that the label on the right will be grey. This mean that label will duplicate the information created on the white label. So, there's no need to duplicate the content.

Once the label is created, Save the file to open in the future if you wish to do so or click on Print button. 

Note that the number of labels on Quantity represents the amount of columns created on the file. So if there is a label with two columns, always select two copies to print both labels or amount of multiples of two (2, 4, 6, 8....).


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