Read QR code that contain Japanese character(Kanji) in sample OPOS application

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Issue / Question

How to decode QR code that contain Japanese character(Kanji) in sample OPOS application?

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OPOS sample application

Resolution / Answer

1. Update Zebra sample application, SDK to version 3.03.0011.

2. To start the registry editor, click on Start > Run > regedit32.

3. In the registry path, Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Zebra\Zebra\Scanners\OPOS\Scanner, double click on "CodePage", update the Value data to “3a4” and click OK.


4. If "CodePage" DWORD not found at the above registry path, please create a new DWORD(32-bit) value. Right click at empty space, click and select "New", click on "DWORD(32-bit)" Value and fill the details as below, click OK. 
           Value name: "CodePage"
           Value data: "3a4"
           Base: Hexadecimal

5. Restart your Zebra scanner OPOS sample application.

How to decode the barcode in OPOS sample application:
1. Connect the scanner to host via USB cable, scan on USB OPOS interface setting barcode as below. 
2. Open and run Zebra Scanner OPOS Sample application(x64).

3. Click on OPEN button, select "Zebra scanner" from the Service Object Name drop down list as below.


4. Click on "Claim" button, "Device Enable" button, and "Data Events" button. Tick on "Auto Enable" checkbox, and click "Decode Data" button.


5. Scan the QR code that contain Korean character, the data should display at scan data label column. 

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