Enable or Disable Touch/Stylus Input on Windows Based Tablets

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Issue / Question

How to disable the touch/stylus input on Windows based tablets?

Applicable To

L10 series, XR12, R12, B10, Bobcat, XC6, ET5x Windows tablets

Resolution / Answer

In order to enable/disable the pen or touch input on the Windows 10 tablets. you will need to access the driver settings in Device Manager

First, go to Control Panel, and from there, click on Device Manager.
From there, click on the carrot next to "Human Interface Devices" to expand that menu.

There will be 2 devices you will be looking for: HID-compliant touch screen and HID-compliant pen.

Right click on the necessary driver and select "Disable Device" if you wish to disable it. You will receive a warning message. click yes to continue. If the device is disabled and you want to enable it, right click and select "Enable."

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET51
  • ET55
  • ET56
  • XBook B10
  • XBook D10
  • XBook L10
  • XBook L10-A
  • XPad L10
  • XSlate B10
  • XSlate L10