How to mass deploy an Enterprise Browser 2.x license

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Issue / Question

How to mass deploy an Enterprise Browser 2.x license

Issue Details

This post is intended for customers that:

a. have purchased Zebra SW which is managed by the Zebra Software License Manager [Ex: EB 2.x and/or MTW] on a Zebra Android Device Android

b. use StageNow for their staging or a similar EMM profile AND

c. would like to activate their license and associate it with their end-devices

Applicable To

Zebra mobile computing android devices Supporting Enterprise Browser 2.x

Section Device Support

EB 2.x now supports the following mobile computing devices and operating systems:

MC33X Android Oreo

PS20J Android Oreo

TC20 Android Nougat, Oreo

TC25 Android Nougat, Oreo

TC51 Android Oreo

TC51 Healthcare Android Oreo

TC52 Android Oreo

TC56 Android Oreo

TC57 Android Oreo

TC57 Healthcare Android Oreo

TC70X Android Oreo

TC75X Android Oreo

TC72 Android Oreo

TC77 Android Oreo

VC80X Android Oreo

WT6000 Android Nougat

Resolution / Answer


  • Clock and Network on the device are already configured successfully
  • License to software, for ex, EB2.x is purchased and you have the Activation ID from the entitlement notification email [this is typically sent out to the partner and the end-user on the PO. Please contact your partner or your admin for this email]
  • The above email also has the link to download the EB2.x binary. Please log in there with your Zebra SSO credentials to access the binary

Steps to create a sample StageNow Profile to ensure licenses associated with their end-devices:

  1. Launch the Stagenow utility and select “Create new Profile”.
  2. Select the MX version compatible to device, select Xpert Mode and select Create.
  3. Enter a profile name and select Start.
  4. Under LicenseMgr, select “Perform Zebra license action” and proceed to set the various parameters to activate the license required. Ex: 
a. For the licensing cloud option : Activate AID -> Use Zebra Licensing cloud option -> Zebra Production Cloud -> Enter your AID and Quantity. Select Continue.
This is the recommended option since the device will be synced with the cloud for visibility from the licensing portal.

b. For the local licensing (on-prem) option : Activate AID -> Use a local license server option -> Enter the URL, friendly name,  AID and Quantity. Select Continue.If you choose this option [to cater to a fire-walled network or don't have access to the cloud]. More details on installing and configuring the Local License Server can be found on's Licensing Page. Once you set up the LLS, please use the URL of that LLS in your staging profile.
5. Complete profile creation and scan the staging barcode.


Validating the above profile : 

1. Launch the License Manager application on the device. Ensure the license activated shows up there.

2. Alternatively, if you have downloaded the EB2.x binary on your device, it should be fully activated. You do not need to configure anything in the EB 2.x binary for the license.

3. The quantity is typically 1 since the device is activating only one license for itself. Based on the number of devices activated, the Available quantity visible on the portal will decrease. The list of device ids will also show up there.


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