Performing Factory Reset on MC67 WM

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How to perform Factory Reset on MC67 WM?

How to factory reset (clean) the device?

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There are two ways, how to clean MC67 Windows Mobile device.

- First way is called Clean Boot > Application folder is untouched here
- Second way is Clean Boot & Blank > Here device is formatted completely. It will clean also an Application folder.

It is highly recommended to use Clean Boot & Blank to fix issue related to device SW, installed application, cache, etc. Or at least make it faster and more stable.

To perform Clean Boot & Blank on MC67 please follow these steps:

1. Follow the link to get the Cleaner Package from our portal:
Link To download

2. Choose which Cleaner you want to perform:
**The contains an Update Loader package to clean boot the terminal.
**The contains an Update Loader package to clean boot and blank the application folder (it will erase all existing applications in the Application folder)

3. Clean boot Guidance:

a) Download required Clean Boot Package folder from the Support Central web site.
b) Unzip the content of the ZIP folder on the PC
c) Copy the contents of this folder into \temp
d) Navigate to \temp folder
e) Run StartUpdLdr.exe
f) Insert the MC67 into a powered cradle.
g) The MC67 updates and then resets.
h) Calibrate the screen.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC67 NA Mobile Computer
  • MC67NA Base Model Mobile Computer
  • MC67ND Mobile Computer