Install RFID Software for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5

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Where to download the RFID software for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5? Zebra RFID Demo, RapidRead and Tag Locator applications are missing

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The RFID software version 2.3.4 is available from Support Portal. This software is applicable for MC9190-Z RFID WEH Classic 6.5 OEM version 4.47.12.

MCRFIDInstall_2.3.0004.CAB --  Download 4 MB
RFID CAB installer v2.3.4

1. Download MCRFIDInstall_2.3.0004.CAB from the above link.
2. For manual installation, use Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) to connect the MC9190-Z to your Windows PC.
3. Transfer the CAB file unto the MC9190-Z .
4. Should you run into issues using WMDC on your Windows 10, refer to this article for possible resolution.

5. On the MC9190-Z, use File Explorer to navigate to where you copied the CAB file.
6. Tap the CAB file to start the installation.

7. After the device reboot, configure region before starting RFID Operation.

8. For automatic installation using SOTI MobiControl, use Package Deployment. Read More>>
9. After a successful installation, the following sample applications are installed and should be ready for use with your UHF RFID integrated reader. Read More>>

  • RFID Demo
  • RFID RapidRead
  • Tag Locator

+ Applicable Products

  • MC9190-Z RFID Reader