Install WA9903 UHF RFID reader

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Issue / Question

How to install UHF RFID reader part number WA9903 for the WAP4 mobile computer?

Applicable To

WAP4 CE6.0 


Resolution / Answer

WAP4 (CE6.0 or WEH6.5) + WA9903 RFID POD (UHF CIRCULAR NA) configuration:

Installation Instructions

BooSt scripts (please contact Support to receive the following BooSt script software)

  • RfidUhfWwFcc.img
  • RfidUhfAntennaCircular.img

RFID Driver + UHF Tools (available from Support Portal)

To apply the BooSt scripts:

  1. Rename the RfidUhfWwFcc.img to 7528.img
  2. Rename the RfidUhfAntennaCircular.img to 7528os.img
  3. Copy these .img files to a microSD or USB storage device.
  4. Insert the storage device.
  5. Boot the device into BooSt by pressing and holding the Blue Power Front Scan button for 7 seconds.
  6. The script should run, and apply the required RFID settings in BooSt.

Then install the RFID driver .CAB file.
Afterwards, on the WAP4, launch the RFID tool then configure appropriate Region of Operation and Communication Standard
For more information, refer to WORKABOUT PRO 4 RFID Mobile Computer Integrator Guide (en). Read More>>

+ Applicable Products

  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer