Keep GPD File Imported in Each Cold Boot

Article ID: 80777502

Issue / Question

As per design, a GPD file can only be imported for the 1st time.

Applicable To

MC32-CE7 and MC92-CE7

Resolution / Answer


  1. Export fusion settings as file name "fusionexport.gpdexport".
  2. Place fusionexport.gpdexport in Device's Application root folder.
  3. Right click the link and select "Save Link As..." to download the CE7-AutoImportEveryColdboot.bat  Download>>
  4. Place CE7-AutoImportEveryColdboot.bat in Device's \Application\Start up folder. Note: you can create "Start Up" folder if it does not existing in Application folder.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3200 Mobile Computer
  • MC9200 Mobile Computer