Lock My-T-Soft Window

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Issue / Question

How to lock the My-T-Soft window so that it cannot be clicked, dragged, then released.

Applicable To

VC80 Windows

Resolution / Answer


The setting is default On, and it allows the Action button (as set in My-T-Soft Setup, Mouse Buttons, Action button) to move the My-T-Soft window by clicking on the frame or any unused area (Click, drag, then release).

To lock the My-T-Soft window, turn off 'Allow Action Button Move'

1. Open My-T-Soft Setup

2. Select Configurations

3. Select Operation Options

4. Deselect 'Allow Action Button Move'

5. Click OK to save

At this point the My-T-Soft window will be locked at its current position.

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80 Vehicle-mounted Computer