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Low Level Boost Touch Screen Calibration

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Issue / Question

How To Run a Low Level Boost Touch Screen Calibration?

Applicable To

WAP3 WAP4 7530G2 8525G2 8530G2 VH10 Omnii XT15 EP10 8515 7545

Resolution / Answer

To Perform a low level calibration of the Touch Screen

1. Boot terminal to the boost mode boot menu (Device Specific)

Boot Menu

1) Run main OS
2) Begin YMODEM load
3) Show configuration
4) Audio test
5) Display test
6) Touch test
7) RAM test


2. From the menu Press 6 for “Touch Test”

3. A Blank Screen will appear  

Press A for basic Calibration
Press X for enhanced Calibration

4. Touch and release the center of each cross-hair target that appears with the terminals pointer 

The cross-hair will advance to the next position    
When no more cross-hair appear go to next step.

5. Press the W key this with write the calibration data

6. Press the Esc key to exit to the menu

7. To boot the terminal press enter then press the “ 1 “ key to Run main OS

+ Applicable Products

  • 7530 G2 Mobile Computer
  • 8515 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8525 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • 8530 G2 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • EP10 Mobile Computer
  • Omnii XT15
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer
  • Workabout Pro 3
  • Workabout Pro 4 Mobile Computer