MC18 - Access Zebra LifeGuard patch version in SOTI MobiControl

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Issue / Question

MC18 - Access Zebra LifeGuard patch version in SOTI MobiControl

Applicable To

MC18 L, SOTI v13/v14

Resolution / Answer

The procedure below shows how the LifeGuard patch version can be accessed in the SOTI MobiControl console which allows tracking of which patch version is applied to devices under SOTI management.

  • As soon as device is enrolled under SOTI then send the following script:
md /enterprise/usr/attributes
execute_shell chmod 777 /enterprise/usr/attributes
reset /s

          This script creates folder "attributes" under /enterprise/usr/ with proper permission and also this script reboots the unit.

  • MC18 L build includes activity called com.zebra.swversions (swversions.apk) which is able to read system properties (also LifeGuard version) and place them into an XML file. After reboot activity com.zebra.swversions runs automatically and creates file patches.xml under /enterprise/usr/attributes/.

           Example of patches.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<attribute name="os.version" value="02-09-02-L-V0-M1"/>
<attribute name="security.patch.level" value="2018-03-05"/>
<attribute name="" value="0"/>
<attribute name="cfe.ini_ro.device.patch.version" value="9"/>
<attribute name="emdk.version" value=""/>
<attribute name="hwrev" value="RevB+"/>


  • In SOTI console create the below Custom data:


  • Log Out from SOTI console, Log In with your Username, after this you should see LifeGuard version under Custom Date:

+ Applicable Products

  • MC18