MC18 - Enter Android Recovery Mode

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MC18 - Enter Android Recovery Mode

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Customers can enter android recovery mode using “Scan Key” or using “adb reboot recovery” command.

Using “Scan Key” :

1. Insert the Terminal Reboot Tool (PN: KT-MC18-REBOOT-05) into the Power Connector. 
2. Press and hold the Scan key until the display powers off (device reboots).
3. Keep holding scan key for some second (1-3 seconds)
4. Release the Scan key
5. Device will enter into “Recovery Mode”

Note: To prevent the device from transitioning into recovery mode from a power down state, we made it such that a user needs the MC18 Terminal Reboot Tool (PN: KT-MC18-REBOOT-05) inserted into the bottom connector of the MC18 while powering it up. If the shorting tool is not present, the MC18 will merely boot up. This change was implemented from BSP 2.09.02 LG9.

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