MC33 PTT Keymapping

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Issue / Question

MC33 does not have dedicated PTT button. A key need to be mapped to make it a PTT button

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Resolution / Answer

There are 2 ways we can remap key.
Preferably, remap the P1 & P2 key.

From the device
Settings > Key Mapping Manger > P1/P2 > Remap tu Button L2

From StageNow

Launch StageNow
Start With selecting the MX version & use XpertMode module

Next choose the KeyMappingMgr Module & Click Add

Use the following configuration for the KeyMappingMgr

  • Remap a Key
  • Choose key to modify - P1/P2
  • Key Behavior - Send Key-Code
  • Key-code - Button L2

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3300