MC55E0 with Numeric keypad in Alpha state fails to enter passwords correctly for characters requiring more than one key press

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Issue / Question

Typing characters which require multiple key-presses on the Numeric keypad on MC55E0 in the Alpha state (using the Orange key) leads to multiple characters entered rather than just the desired character. 


For example, when typing ‘c’, a user must press the ‘2’ key three times and it results in ‘abc’.

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Resolution / Answer

MC55E0 is built with phone keypad driver hence it has a feedback feature with behavior of showing alphabet typed with every key press. While it is a useful feature so a user can see which character is typed and help ensure words are typed correctly, the feature will not work within a password field.

To resolve this issue, disable the feedback feature using the following registry:

"ShowCellPhoneFeedback"=dword:00000000 // set '0' to disable feedback and to configure non-phone keypad

Disabling the feedback mode, helps entering alphabet correctly in password field.
After merging the registry, please do warm boot.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC55X