Map Ampersand Key Using StageNow Tool

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Issue / Question

Map ampersand key Using StageNow Tool
Customer is trying to remap a key... to ampersand symbol (&)

Applicable To

Android Devices Nougat and above with hardware keypad that includes [P1]. Example MC9300, StageNow

Resolution / Answer

StageNow or greater

  • Create a new StageNow profile with KeyRemapping profile
  • Set choose a key to modify to P1
  • Set Key behavior in Shift mode to send key-code 
  • Set key-code to 7

This corresponds to what is on a keyboard.. On a keyboard if you select Shift 7 , you get an ampersand 
If you create the StageNow barcode and scan with the StageNow client on the device when you select Shift and P1 key, you will get an Ampersand response in your text field.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC9300 Mobile Computer
  • StageNow
  • StageNow