MSR: Keyboard Emulation

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Issue / Question

How to change the Magnetic Strip Reader from a HID compliant device to Keyboard Emulation.

Applicable To

C5, F5, C5v & F5v

Resolution / Answer

The Magnetic Strip Reader (MSR) does not require any 3rd party drivers; however it does require 3rd party software when left as a HID compliant device. This can be changed by sending a command to the MSR.

First you will need to download and install the demo application from:

Once installed run the application and attach the MSR to the tablet. Once the device is detected you will see “Swipe card…”
In the orange highlighted area uncheck “Auto Add Length” and then in the line below enter “01 02 10 01” and hit “Send Msg”. You will then get a response from the device letting you know the command went through.


After the command has been sent you will need to power cycle the device, remove the device and reattach it to the tablet. It will now state at the bottom left corner “ Detected Keyboard Mode Device”
If the device needs to be changed back to an HID compliant device from Keyboard emulation just follow the steps above and insert “01 02 10 00” into the “Send Msg” line.
If you require further assistance please contact your Motion Service Provider

+ Applicable Products

  • C5
  • C5v
  • F5
  • F5v