MT20x0- Sending batch data using Scan Inventory application

Article ID: 35158292

Issue / Question

How can I setup my MT20x0 to batch and send data displaying my grouped inventory information for Location, Quantity and Item?

Applicable To

MT2070, MT2090

Resolution / Answer

1. Select Scan Inventory from the MT20x0 Home Screen

2. If needed, insert desired information in Location, Quantity and Item fields. Scan desired barcodes to batch

3.  When ready to send batched data, select View Inventory by pressing the left key under Menu (Alt) to access menu options to view save data.

4. Select Menu again and then Transmit to send the batched data

5. The data will be transmitted into an open application  e.g. MS Notepad
 Below is an example of transmitted data displaying the Location " test", Quantity and Item ( barcode data)



+ Applicable Products

  • MT2000 Mobile Terminals