Manage WiFi Adapter power and sleep schedule on ET50 Windows Tablet

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Issue / Question

Prevent the WiFi from going to sleep on Windows platform based ET50.

Issue Details 

Keep devices WiFi always awake.

Applicable To

ET50 Windows Tablet

Resolution / Answer

Does WIFI disconnect when the tablet is docked? 

Yes - once deep enough sleep state is reached by the tablet the WiFi chip will enter sleep state as well. 

Does the tablet enter a sleep mode when docked? 
It should, unless set otherwise in Power & sleep settings. Windows maintenance schedules and updates may prevent sleep occasionally. 

Can either of these be changed, to allow WIFI to remain connected, or prevent the device from Sleeping? 
Yes. Go to Settings -> System -> Power & sleep. There are settings there for both Screen and Sleep behavior (separately for when on battery power and when plugged in). 
They can adjust these settings for desired behavior. Additionally, there is a setting for Network connection behavior when device is asleep and on battery power. 

If tablet does not have to sleep once in cradle (charging), they could allow for the screen to be turned off after some time but prevent sleep when plugged in. 
If they wish to create a custom power plan, they can do so in Additional power settings.

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET50 ET55