Modify Scan Angle for SE1524ER (LORAX) installed in XT15

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How to change the XT15 SE1524ER scanner beam width from narrow to wide?

How to change XT15 SE1524ER scan angle from normal to alternate?

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One of the several scanner engine that can be installed on an Omnii XT15 is called SE1524ER. Read More>>
This scanner supports two types of Scan Angle:

  • Narrow angle - for narrow beam (default)
  • Alternate angle - for wide beam

Unlike other scanner settings like 'Laser On Time' that can be modified in Scanner Settings (scanner icon in Control Panel or System), 'Scan Angle' is configured in Manage Triggers.


1. Open Manage Triggers

  • for CE6.0, tap on Start> Settings Control Panel> Manage Triggers
  • for WEH6.5, tap on Start> Settings> System> Manage Triggers

2. Select desired Trigger key. Example Scan
3. Set Module to trigger:

  • for Normal beam, select Decoded Scanner
  • for Wide beam, select Decoded Scanner - Alt Angle

4. Tap OK to Save.

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15