Modify or disable sleep settings in Android

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Android: How - To: Disable sleep mode on a device

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Android Devices

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Sleep Timeout
The Sleep timeout is configured in Display settings.
The Maximum time the display can remain on Battery is 30 minutes

Go to Apps
Select Settings
Select Display 
Select Sleep 
Select (15 seconds - 30 minutes)

StageNow can also be used to configure the setting using DisplayMgr : Set the Screen Timeout Interval 

On AC or external battery power 
(This will only be active when the device is connected to external Power source not while running on battery only)
Stay Awake can be enabled which will dim the display but prevent the device from sleeping 
The enable the setting Developer mode needs to be enabled 
Note: This will not affect operation in the expansion back Power Pack accessory is connected

To enable Developer mode and Stay Awake 
Go Apps
Select Settings 
Select" About Tablet"
Tap on Build number repeatedly until Developer mode notice is displayed
Go back one menu
Select "Developer Options"
Toggle "Stay Awake" to enabled

StageNow can also be used to configure the setting using the DisplayMgr : Stay Awake

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55