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OS Update (multiple packages) using SOTI MobiControl Mxconfig Script

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Issue / Question

How to perform OS update - multiple OS update package - using SOTI MobiControl's mxconfig script command?

Device is enrolled in DO mode, how to update the OS using XML file and mxconfig?

OS update using upload list file .UPL

Applicable To

All Zebra Android devices (KitKat and later)

Resolution / Answer


StageNow - Power Manager
The Power Manager (PowerMgr) allows an app to perform certain OS and power related actions on the device. These include rebooting or performing an OS update, resetting the device to a factory-fresh state or putting the device into Sleep mode. Read More>>

SOTI MobiControl - mxconfig
Submits XML configuration instructions to the MX layer of the device. Read More>>


Part 1: StageNow Tool

Create the .XML file from StageNow. In this example, will create a profile for Zebra Android Oreo SD660 based family of products (TC52, TC57, TC72, TC77, or PS20).

1.1 Create a new profile and select MX version 8.1 or later.
1.2 Select Expert Mode then click [Create].

1.3 Enter profile name. Example "Oreo_OS_Upgrade" then click [Start].
1.4. Under Settings tab, select PowerMgr then click [+].
1.5. Config tab should list PowerMgr. Click [Add] to proceed.

1.6 Set 'OS Action' to 'OS Upgrade (Upgrade only, supported on Android Oreo and above)'. Read More>>
1.7 Since we are applying multiple OS update packages at one time, we must specify the path and filename to our upload text file (with .UPL extension) to be consumed when updating the device. Read More>>


1.8 Click [Continue], review if needed then click [Complete Profile>].
1.9 Click [Export for MDM] to generate the .XML file.


Part II. SOTI MobiControl v13.3 or later.

Create a File Sync Rule under the Android Plus tab which includes the mxconfig script to submit the XML configuration instructions to the MX layer of the Android device.

2.1 Start the Android Plus File Sync RuleRead More>>
2.2 Set Direction to Download file(sfrom Server to Devices.
2.3 Make sure Device File / Folder Name is equal to /data/tmp/public. See step 1.7.
2.4 For Server File / Folder Name, specify complete file system path to the folder that contains OS package .ZIP files and .UPL file. 
2.5 Select the device(s) and/or device group(s) that the rule should target.
2.6 For synchronization, use Device Update Schedule.
2.7 Under review summarized information, select Advanced button.
2.8 Scroll down and select Scripts button.
2.9 Under After file synchronization has completed execute script section, enter below script. Read More>>

mxconfig /data/tmp/public/Oreo_OS_Upgrade.xml

2.10 Click OK then Finish.

Make sure you disable the file sync rule once the target device(s) have updated successfully else it may run again based on the device update schedule.

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