Part number for TekTerm Server/Commserver/Controller licenses

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Issue / Question

Looking for TekTerm Server licenses part number

Applicable To

9510, TekTerm Server, Commserver or Controller

Resolution / Answer

List of Part number and description:

Part number Description
SW9510S   TekTerm Server License - Standard maintenance is required
SW9510L TekTerm Server Lite License (supports up to 50 devices)- Can only be used with Zebra devices. Maintenance is required
Z1B5-SW95XX-3000  Commserver Maintenance 3 Year
Z1B5-SW95XX-2000 Commserver Maintenance 2 Year
Z1B5-SW95XX-1000    Commserver Maintenance 1 Year
Z1W5-SW95XX-3000    Commserver Maintenance Renewal 3 Year
Z1W5-SW95XX-2000   Commserver Maintenance Renewal 2 Year
Z1W5-SW95XX-1000   Commserver Maintenance Renewal 1 Year

+ Applicable Products

  • TekTerm Open Demo
  • TekTerm Screen Formatter
  • TekTerm Server
  • TekTerm Software Developer Tool