Performing Operating System update on TC51 using StageNow

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How To Use StageNow to Perform OSUpdate on TC51

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Customer looking to Update OS on many TC51's by scanning a barcode

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TC51, StageNow v2.6 or greater

Resolution / Answer

The purpose of this article is to visually show steps to update an OS on an Android device using StageNow.

Activity steps below:


  • Customer has the OSUpdate file from Zebra Support Site already downloaded.
  • Customer already has StageNow installed on their PC 

Note: This article is using StageNow v3.01, Newer versions may have variations, but process would be the same. 
Customer needs to find out, if their devices are GMS or Non-GMS to determine correct files to download from support site (Read More>>). For this article a device used is a TC51 GMS.

OS upgrade on TC51: 
Procedure below shows loading these files in this order: (always use latest OS and CFE patch )

For this demonstration I am using 
1. - TC51 Full Package Update includes all components (Mandatory) 
2. - LifeGuard Patch 11 GMS 

On PC - profile creation

1. Go to StageNow > Administrator Login > Log into Admin mode

2. Select Create new Profile 

3. Select MX version 


4. Select Perform OS Update wizard and then the 'Create' button 


5. Enter a name for your profile (user defined) then select the Start button 


6. First step is setting up connectivity to StageNow


  • For this demonstration, a pre-existing WiFi is used that is already setup on the device.

7. When selected, wizard proceeds to the Update Type section.
  • Select Full OS Update from drop down

8. When selected, wizard proceeds to the Update Method section  

  • Prompted if OSUpdate file is already on the device, selected "No, would like to Download the file". 

9. The wizard proceeds to the WiFi Sleep section


You will be prompted if you want to prevent WiFi from Turning Off while Downloading,

  • Select Yes then 'Continue' button

10. When continue is selected, wizard proceeds to the Download OS section  

  • In this section, you have to enter the path and name of the file of the OS file to be downloaded to the device. The path will be different per device. For this document, using TC51 Marshmallow device to demonstrate. The path used for this device to send the OS zip file is the /internal 

11. Enter Path of the storage folder on the device 



12. Navigate on the PC to the file that needs to be downloaded. Select the Circle icon with the 3 dots to open the Staging Server URI Selector window and then select the  on this window at the end of the Select a file field to open up the navigation/explorer window to point to the file you want to download. Then select 'Open' and then 'OK'




13. When continue is selected, wizard proceeds back to the WiFi Sleep section  

You are prompted to see if you want to change the sleep policy that was set in section step 1.1.1. Select 'No'. 


14. When No is selected, page automatically goes to next section Apply Update.

In this section it is confirming that this file in this location will be applied to the device. No other action required other than select 'Continue' button 

15. When all 3 files have been setup to download, you will be brought to a review page. 

16. Can review all the steps you added by selecting the 'Expand' button, if you want or just select "Complete Profile" button   

17. Select the StageNow checkbox   in the Staging Client section for the type of barcode you want to scan with .. most of the time it will be the PDF417, depends if it is a 1D scanner (Linear) or a 2D scanner (PDF417)

18. Then Select the 'Test' button   to generate the bar code. This will generate a bar code for you to scan and test to see if it does what you want. .. if it does download the OS zip file on your device and runs the OS process , then you can select Publish   and Stage    to make it visible for users to access outside of Admin login mode. 


  • demonstration.. do not scan .. will not work for you.

19. On the device, Select the Stage Now Client   to activate the scanner to scan the bar code 

    to start the OS Update process.. 


  • Same process will be needed for the patch 
  • If you have a pin and google account setup on the device, it is recommended to clear the cache as well 
  • if you did not have the WiFiprofile setup in StageNow, you will need to manually set it up before scanning the bar code.
  • if you did not have the WiFiprofile setup in StageNow , and If using StageNow 2.8 or greater, can use built in hotspot feature of StageNow to connect to StageNow instead of manually setting up a WiFiprofile. 

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  • StageNow
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  • TC51