Persisting the wireless config on a MC92N0 when performing a reboot

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Issue / Question

How can a user persist the Fusion wireless settings (Options and Profiles) when a Warm Boot or Cold Boot is performed on a MC92N0 device?

Applicable To

MC92N0 CE7, MC92N0 WM6.5

Resolution / Answer

This process will persist the Options and Profiles within Fusion when a Warm Boot or Cold Boot is performed.


To persist the Fusion wireless settings on a MC92N0, the steps are the same between the CE7 and WM6.5 devices.  The screen display is slightly different between the two OS packages.  

From the main window, select the Fusion Icon or button depending on the OS of your device.

Select Options from the window (CE7 shown)

Select the drop-down box, and scroll down to select Import/Export 

Select Export from the Settings options

You can now add or remove any check marks depending on what you want to have exported.  Select Export to file when ready.

The Name of the export file is automatically populated.  You can take this default file name, or rename it to something else.
The file is defaulted with an extension of .GPDEXPORT.  You also have the option of changing this to a .reg file.
The file is saved in the \Application folder of the device.
Select OK when you are ready to save your exported file.

Once exported, you will see the following menu. 
Select OK, and then click on the X (or OK depending on OS) to close the Options window.

Your device will now retain the Wireless Options and Profiles after a reboot (Cold Boot or Warm Boot) is performed.

+ Applicable Products

  • MC9200 Mobile Computer