Program the SE4710 or SE4750 scanner expansion back (ZBack) on ET50 or ET55

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Issue / Question

What is the utility to program the scanner expansion back (ZBack) on ET50, ET55, ET51, ET56 which operate on Windows tablet?

Applicable To

ET50 ET55 Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 installed with scanner expansion back SE4710 or SE4750 

ET51 ET56 Windows 10 installed with scanner expansion back SE4710 or SE4750

Resolution / Answer

By default, the Expansion Back imager is set to HID mode. 
If the scanner is not working, scan the barcode below to place the scanner in HID mode:

NOTE  This barcode is also available from the ET5X Integrator Guide for Windows 10 (page 51).
For Basic Data Formatting, one can use the Barcodes for Programming the Zebra Scanner Expansion back (Zback).


For Advanced Data Formatting and other scanner configuration like HID Keystroke Delay, use 123Scan application. You can download it from Support and Downloads: 123Scan Utility for Windows.

The 123Scan scanner configuration utility can be installed on the ET5x Windows tablet or on another supported Windows PC.


  • Select PL3307.

  • In Cable connection section, select HID Keyboard Emulation for USB Device Type.

Helpful Information:

+ Applicable Products

  • ET50
  • ET55