RFID Sled beeper volume configuration

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Issue / Question

How to set the RFID Sled beeper volume via API?

How to disable the beeper?

Applicable To

RFD8500, RFD2000

Resolution / Answer


To set the Beeper from the RFID Demo Application please select Settings > Beeper from the Home or Menu screen.

This screen displays the current beeper settings. The user can turn the beeper off by unchecking the Sled Beeper check box, or set the volume to High, Medium or Low.

Settings Beeper Volume with RFID SDK for Android

// get Beeper volume settings
BEEPER_VOLUME beeperVolume = reader.Config.getBeeperVolume();
// Set Beeper volume settings

Settings Beeper Volume with RFID SDK for iOS

Retrieving and setting of beeper configuration is performed via srfidSetBeeperConfig and srfidGetBeeperConfig API functions. Please refer to the Developers Guide for the code sample.

Settings Beeper Volume with ZETI

setattr .attnum 140 .atttype B .attvalue 0

Disable Beeper 

setattr .attnum 140 .atttype B .attvalue 3


The RFD2000 does not have the internal audio hardware and it is using the beeping sound from TC20 Android Host Device indirectly.
Please refer to the TC2000 Demo app for how to control beeping sound from TC20 Android Host Device.

+ Applicable Products

  • RFD8500 RFID Reader
  • RFD8500i UHF RFID Sled