RS6000 SPP mode - Connect and pair with Omnii (XT15 and VH10)

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How to connect the RS6000 in SPP mode to an Omnii mobile computer?

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Resolution / Answer

On the Omnii:

[XT15 / VH10 CE6.0]
1. Enable Bluetooth and Discoverable (from Start> Settings> Control Panel> Bluetooth> Mode tab)
2. Enable Scanner service (from Start> Settings> Control Panel> Bluetooth> Servers tab)

[XT15 WEH6.5]
1. Enable Bluetooth and Discoverable (from Start> Settings> Connections> Bluetooth> Mode tab)
2. Enable Scanner service (from Start> Settings> Connections> Bluetooth> Servers tab)

On the RS6000:
1. Perform Clean Boot

  • Perform clean boot:
  • Remove battery.
  • Press and hold the Restore Key.
  • Insert the battery into the RS6000.
  • Continue to press and hold the Restore Key for about five seconds until a chirp is heard and the Scan LEDs
  • flash green.
  • The RS6000 is now in its factory default configuration.

2. Scan SPP Bluetooth Classic (Non-Discoverable) barcode (e-page 44 of the RS6000 Ring Scanner User Guide) Read More>>
3. Perform Cold Boot

  • Remove and re-install the battery onto the RS6000.
  • The RS6000 starts to operate
  • And is discoverable as a Bluetooth serial device.

4. Scan pairing barcode

At this point, the RS6000 is now connected and paired. You can test using Microsoft Wordpad or Tekterm client.

+ Applicable Products

  • Omnii XT15 Mobile Computer Series
  • RS6000 Ring Scanner
  • VH10 Vehicle-mounted Computer