Scanning multiple barcode with SimulScan

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How to scan multiple barcode simultaneously with SimulScan

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To get SimulScan to scan multiple barcode we would need 2 things

  1. Access to SimulScan template builder
  2. A scanned copy of the barcode that we want to scan

Once we have those 2 things ready, we can start by creating a template first

1. Logon to SimulScan template builder website
2. You will be greeted with 2 option for creating a template. Structured or Unstructured. Choose Unstructured Targets

3. On the next option, choose Multi-Barcode

4.Template builder will now request us to open the scanned barcode samples. This can be in PDF or any Image files
5. Once loaded you may crop your samples accordingly
6. On the left, under Field, right click and select Create New field

7.Once new field is created, the mouse pointer will turn into a Crosshair. use this select the area where the barcode is visible

8. Once selected Field Setting will automatically pop up from the bottom left
9. Place a check mark on Group of Common barcode selection and choose the selection in the dropdown below that suit the scanning requirement.

10. Once all done, we may proceed to click on File > Save template
11. We can either Save and Download or Save and Release

Save and Download will generate an XML file. This XML can deployed on 2 location

  1. For DataWedge:  /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/templates/
  2. For the SimulScan Demo App: /sdcard/simulscan/templates/

Save and Release will release the template the to the SimulScan Server
This template can then be downloaded via SimulScan apps using the option Download From Template Server

+ Applicable Products

  • MC3300
  • TC51
  • TC52 Touch Computer
  • TC55 Touch Computer
  • TC56
  • TC57 Touch Computer
  • TC70
  • TC72 Touch Computer
  • TC75
  • TC77 Touch Computer
  • TC8000
  • TC8300