Reg File to allow WM device to Suspend when Soti Agent is Installed

Article ID: 16557466

Issue / Question

With Soti Agent installed on a device with Windows Mobile operating system the device is not able to suspend because Agent continuously pings server, reg file allows the device to suspend

Applicable To

validated MC67NA and MC9190 WM 6.5 devices

Resolution / Answer

copy below registry key into a Notepad window and save as "suspend.reg" file 

copy  "suspend.reg" to \application folder 
merge "suspend.reg" file by either 
   - clean boot (not clean and blank) process 
   - manually navigate on device to \application folder using file explorer
     tap on "suspend.reg" file 
     select 'yes' when prompted if want to merge
     warm boot (reboot device) by holding down a Power Key


+ Applicable Products

  • MC67 NA Mobile Computer
  • MC9190-G Mobile Computer