Remap VC80x Android Programmable Macro keys (M1 to M12)

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Remap VC80x Android Programmable Macro keys (M1 to M12)

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VC80x Android

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There are six programmable macro keys on the front bezel (M1 to M6) and when used with the Blue modifier key, provides six additional programmable keys (M7 to M12).

To Remap:

A. Macro M1 to M6, one can use the built-in Key Programmer under Settings or StageNow Keymapping Manager.

1. For example, to remap M1 to ENTER, using Key Programmer, open Settings> Key Programmer

2. Select M1. By default it is mapped to F1.

3. and under BUTTON REMAPPING, select ENTER.

At this point, pressing M1 will send an ENTER key.

B. Macro M7 to M12 can not be remap using Key Programmer but we can use StageNow Keymapping Manager to remap these programmable keys. Read More>>

1. For example, to remap M7 to DELETE, create a profile in Export Mode using MX 7.1+.

2. Under Settings tab, select KeyMappingMgr then hit [+]
3. Config tab should list KeyMappingMgr. Hit [Add] to proceed

4. Choose Macro 1
5. Set Key behavior in Blue mode to Send key-code
6. Set Key-code to Delete

7. Hit [Continue], review if needed then hit [Complete Profile>]
8. Test the completed profile.

9. After the device has been successfully stage, close StageNow client.

10. At this point, M7 (pressing Blue modifier key then M1)will work as a DELETE key.

+ Applicable Products

  • VC80X